Is a musician / composer, visual artist, broadcaster, writer, educator, linguist, and world traveler who has lived in Dallas for the past 29 years. He has recorded 22 CD's as a leader in diverse styles for Stockholm's Silkheart Records, Berlin's Konnex Records, Poland's Gowi Records, Brut Records in Ljubljana, and Clean Feed in Lisbon, as well as U.S. record companies Music and Art (Berkeley), Koch Jazz (New York), and 8th Harmonic Breakdown (Chicago). He has also produced CD's on his own label in Dallas, daagnimRecords, since 1979. His international career began when he played and recorded at his home studio in Dallas with musicians in town to play at Ft. Worth’s Caravan of Dreams: John Purcell, Prince Lasha, John Blake, Ronnie Burrage, Charlie Burnham, Warren Benbow, Pheeroan ak Laff and Kelvyn Bell.

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