Early cassette recordings of band releases

During the 1980's Northwoods Improvisers recorded and released numerous cassette tapes of their music.

Warriner Auditorium Concert
The last of the Northwoods cassette releases. A live trio concert containg material from the "Spinning" cd.


Bill Smith w/Northwoods Improvisers-Live at the Foolery
In 88-89 Northwoods played a couple of Michigan tours with Coda Publications editor and soprinino saxophonist Bill Smith. This cassette features highlights from one of their last shows. this release features some of Bill's compositions
as well as Albert Ayler.

Live at the Powerhouse

First live gig after Nick Ashton joined the band on drums.

Still Lake
Atmospheric minimalist music featuring James Pellitier on soprano saxophone plus percussion. The ensemble is completed by Mike Gilmore and Mike Johnston.

The Hidden
Trio eastern motif music. featuring James Pellitier on soprano sax along with Mike Gilmore and Mike Johnston.

The first recordings with longtime northwoods drummer Nick Ashton.



Dark Light
With John PLough on drums.

Trio & Quartet
The only manufactured Northwoods cassette release. Each side of this cassette features a different band. Side 1 features Mike Gilmore and Mike johnston with drummer Ray Kaczynski (Don Barber adds hand drums on a couple of tracks). On side 2 the trio adds Miles Frank Davis on trumpet (from reggae/rock band Bop Harvey).

Arrowheads (for Leonard Peltier)
Originating from a concert held where all proceeds went to the Leonard Peltier fund (he's still in prison by the way). This concert captures the bands early world music influences quite well and remains a favorite with early followers of the group. Ray Kaczynski is on drums.

Live at the Wesley Foundation.
Early live concert recording of the band with an all acoustic instument line up.

The first acoustic music collection that northwoods produced. featuring the original members.

Live at the U.C. Art Gallery
Northwoods formed in 1976. The original band line up featured two electric guitars and drums. This is the only live recording of the band from their first 5 years of existence.

Parachute Records

Eugene Chadbourne-Third World Summit Meetin'
Mike Gilmore and Mike Johnston join Eugene Chadbourne for this Parachute Records cassette release. Bassist Ernie Hoover joins the trio on one cut.

Blues East-Sinking
A 1987-88 Mike Gilmore (acoustic guitar,cheng,saz), Mike Johnston (bass, wood flutes), Kirk Lucas (cello, vocals, acoustic guitar) and Don Barber (drums) ensemble. The name of the band speaks to the style of music that they played. Acoustic folk-jazz-eastern influenced blues. The band produced two cassettes and played one live gig at Bliss Festival in Northern Michigan.

Entropy 003

Electro acoustic music, featuring Mike Gilmore, Mike Johnston and Ben Bracken. All music recorded live to tape.
Remote Viewing Ensemble
"The meditative aspects of the playing will simultaneously
soothe and challenge you".
Cadence 4/99
"The Remote Viewing Ensemble are an exciting bunch and befitting of their name approach composition from the outside looking in-and triumphantly succeed in conveying their collective visions". Highly recommended ****
All About Jazz '99